Comprehensive Accounting Solutions

DJH Accounting & Consulting LLC was founded in July 2015 by Deanna Hamideh, C.P.A to assist businesses and focus on adding value to accounting & financial reporting as demanded. With over 17 years of accounting experience in various industries and phases of business growth, it seemed natural to apply experience to businesses with specific requirements.


PrinterLogic is a server-less SaaS platform that deploys and centrally manages direct IP printers from the CLOUD. Whether you are currently using a traditional print server(s) or direct IP printing, PrinterLogic can manage your entire print infrastructure from a single pane of glass in the cloud. PrinterLogic is entirely agnostic with both end-user device and printer support. The solution provides a versatile UX in printing on or off the network, with secure release and mobility. This one solution addresses infrastructure reduction, offering efficiency in a modern work environment. The single pane eliminates the strain on the help desk, reduces consumable waste, and other IT/print challenges. There is no single point of failure and you can control your print environment wherever your end users are located. Think about it as Centralized Management in today’s remote environments.


A Powerful Platform for the Way You Work Today

  • Make Collaboration Work – Empower teams to work together with agility, speed and accountability
  • Make Better Decisions Faster – Gain real-time visibility into what matters most to your business
  • Automate Work Processes – Enable business users to speed execution and faster innovation
  • Deploy with Confidence – A secure and extensible platform, Users can ramp up quickly, share information real time, and the tool is budget friendly.

Cloud solutions

Cloud solutions are offered through the internet to the users on-demand rather than by the company’s own servers . This reduces the need for costly on prem equipment and servers. Including DaaS,, SaaS, IaaS, PaaS, NaaS. Office 365, Backup

Types of Clouds

Public, Private, Hybrid Clouds


VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) VOIP is the transmission of voice, data, and multimedia sessions over IP networks in the form of network packets. The only thing you need for VOIP to work is an active internet connection.

Help Desk

A source of technical support for hardware and software that is staffed by professionals who can solve problems and escalate if necessary. All issues are tracked until solved with escalation time frames so that the customer is not inconvenienced. Reports are generated so that the help desk and the customer can determine if the SLA’s are being met and how to improve, if necessary. This support can scale to the needs of the business and can be offered on an as need basis

Assisted a publicly traded company listed on the NYSE to develop processes to timely file quarter and annual filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission for the first time in over four years.